Jeremy Sharp

Jeremy is a Senior at the University of North Georgia, where he is studying Political Science with a concentration in pre-law. He is the President and founder of the University of North Georgia SSDP chapter, as well as a board member for Georgia Overdose Prevention. Jeremy has also been active in Peachtree NORML where he serves as a board member. Jeremy regularly speaks at public forums and enjoys the challenges of lobbying for Harm Reduction in the Deep South.

Jeremy’s greatest success in activism to date comes from helping pass GA HB 965 (GSP and Naloxone Access.) This bill has resulted in an immediate and positive impact in Georgia. Calls for help in Hall county Ga, where the UNG SSDP chapter was started and is active, have increased by 400% since 2014. In Georgia, as of May 2016, there have been 453 Naloxone opioid reversals since the comprehensive law was signed.

Along with SSDP alum Esmee Bancroft, Jeremy wrote a 22 page paper titled Student Synopsis On Current Peer Overdose Endemic, which was given to legislators during the chapter’s lobbying efforts. It was used in the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee hearings by the legislators. Jeremy also testified on behalf of the bill, and helped build a grass roots effort that passed the inclusive bill. The local SSDP chapters are currently working with a plethora of organizations to inform Georgians about the laws immunizes as well as Naloxone access. Jeremy’s life has been negatively affected by our 40 year-long Drug War. He has seen how our poor and minority populations have become demonized by Draconian drug laws. Helping end these corrupt and inept policies will most likely become Jeremy’s life’s work. “I hope my children do not have to live in an America where their rights are diluted and diminished by a system that operates on the presumption of serving justice.”