Kevin Fortune

Founder, President, & CEO- Liberty America, Inc., a national organization dedicated to putting the fundamentals of liberty (individual freedom, free markets, smaller government, & nonaggressive foreign policy) in action.

His nickname is “KK” (King Kevin because he is called the king of liberty.

Personal testimony of how libertarianism can take you from welfare to wealth via laissez-faire capitalism.  He runs his own business (Kevin Fortune, LLC) where he invests in the financial markets.

He is very involved in the community as an activist & volunteer. He is especially recognized for his fundraising where he has raised great amounts of money for worthy causes.  He is also very active in one of Atlanta’s most prominent churches (Briarcliff Baptist Church), a historic institution that has stood for individual freedom and liberty.  Kevin is proud to be a Christian and has been a leader in the Christian libertarian movement.

But, most of all he is proud of the many new people he has introduced and brought into libertarianism!